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Dear Cypherpunks-
  The talk on this list is incredible.  Having grown up during
the dawn of personal telecommunications, (I remember a 110 baud
modem and running to get the phone in he cups in time), it
amazes me how far we have come.  Compared to the first BBSs, the
level of discourse ha also advanced.  Well, now that we have all
matured (no offense to my first mentors) the time has come to
combine our social concerns and our knowledge of technology.  Now
is the time for empowerment and action.
  I know many of you have been discussing (flaming) about
anarchy.  I understand that movement but I believe we are ready
to act on a different level.  Most of us hold strong personal and
political beliefs.  I think it is time for us to come together
(as much as is possible) and distribute and activate our ideas.
  Cryptography (finally got to the point) will play an intimate
part in any real technical revolution.  I am _far_ from an expert
(finally unzipped PGP2.1).  And so, I need to enlist the great
minds present on or reading this list.
  I speak in general terms so as not to offend some.  I know some
feel that power need not be redistributed and I respectfully have
kept things vague (did you see that graceful sidestep of the
inevitable *flame*).  I also kept this brief so as not to disturb
the S/N ratio any more.  So, very briefly, I assert:
  Information, technology and control of both _is_ power.
*Anonymous* telecommunications has the potential to be the
greatest equalizer in history.  Bringing this power to as many as
possible will forever change the discourse of power in this
country (and the world).  This is intimately involved with
political and economic theory, but can be accomplished without
fatally altering the existing models of these theories.  We, with
the knowledge, have the power to change everything we see.  But,
we must act.  We must organize.  And we must start _now_.
  Please send me private email so as not to burden the
Cypherpunks list or increase the noise.  I will listen to all
(and fully expect certain folks).
  BTW, I am not a socialist, communist, liberal, conservative,
fascist, et al.  I do not believe in simple change, but actual
progress.  I believe in progression not politics.  I believe the
private sector is an untapped resource for furthering social
justice.  I am a Law Student with a deep sense of social urgency.
(Not your typical lawyer-to-be).  I await _ALL_ responses.
[email protected]
Matthew J. Miszewski