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Austin Cypherpunks Meeting

		 Digital Freedom: By any means necessary.

		    Austin Cypherpunks November Meeting
			 November 13, 1993 3:00 pm
		      4th Floor Austin Public Library
			    (800 Guadalupe St.)

The Austin Cypherpunks chapter will be holding its November meeting on
Saturday the 13th of November from 3 to 5 pm in a meeting room on the 4th
floor of the downtown branch of the Austin Public Library.  I have been
told the room we will be using is "the first thing you see when you get off
the elevator..."

The theme of this meeting will be an introduction to PGP and public key
cryptography in general.  We will be explaining how PGP and other
public-key cryptography systems work, and will go over some basic details
regaring getting such software packages and how to properly use them.
Bring your public-key on a disk of you have one, if not we will try to have
a machine available for you to use to generate your own public-key.

Additonal agenda items for this meeting include

	-Education/Information Disks
		The HoHoCon will be held in December in Austin and this
		should prove to be a good place for us to spread crypto
		technology and information about encryption in general.  To
		this end we will be discussing possible files, programs,
		and news clippings to include in a disk of CryptoInfo and
		one of CryptoPrograms that we can distribute at conferences
		such as this.  

	-TCP/IP Protocols and Encryption
		One possible project for us to consider is that of adding
		encryption to some of the most commonly used TCP/IP
		protocols (particularly those that otherwise broadcast
		account names and passwords in cleartext...)  We will toss
		around a few ideas and see if this is something to try.

 	-Digital Credit Union Project
		We will get up to date on this project and brainstorm some
		possible membership questions/ideas that we did not get
		around to at the last meeting.

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Cypherpunks:  There is safety in numbers... large primes.

Local contacts for your questions...:

	Jim McCoy	<mccoy@bongo.cc.utexas.edu>
	Doug Barnes	<cman@io.com>