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Re: Aust crypto regulations

"Ian Farquhar" wrote:
> It's kinda interesting, because another contact I have in DSD said that
> he wasn't aware of any restrictions on the distribution of crypto
> software.  This may have been simply a personal lack of knowledge, but it
> also may indicate the obscurity of the restriction itself.  It also interests
> me in that their charter gives DSD absolutely no responsibility for the
> control of domestic crypto.

This intrigued me, as I too see no basis for their controls. The prohibited
exports come under the Customs Act, and it may well be that the upfront
"general software note" which excludes public domain and other software
isn't yet instilled in legislation. I'll have to look at the Customs Act
itself to see how the prohibited exports ties in. Finding out what group
constructed this documentation and hence the relevance of that note is
another avenue.

I wouldn't hesitate to speculate that they are asserting controls over 
crypto that they don't really have. The issue still requires further
investigation though.

Matthew Gream 
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(sw/hw engineer)