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Root Causes


While I respect the ideas and opinions submitted by the majority of the
members of this list, I wonder if perhaps we're failing to deal with the
_root_ problem of such things as the CDA, Clipper, DTA, etc.

Specifically, I wonder if it wouldn't be a better approach to *prevent* such
measures from ever being proposed in the first place.

(pause to adjust nomex undies and titanium body armor :-)

Is there any precedence or possibility of either filing civil or criminal
charges against a Government official for their _official_ actions?
Something that will not only make for some Serious Press, but hit them from
an unexpected angle?

(close hatch on bunker :-)

It would seem that things such as the CDA, etc, are patent violations of the
Bill of Rights. As such, wouldn't the Congressrodent(s) proposing such
measures be violating our civil rights, and thus be criminally liable?
Aren't Congressrodents supposed to take an Oath of Office that involves
upholding the Constitution?

Alternatively, could a civil suit be filed for invasion of privacy or
somesuch? Or perhaps the previously mentioned violation of civil rights (a
la Rodney King)?

How many laws, etc, can we invoke? I mean, most congresscritters don't craft
laws on their own, so the involvement of their staff would constitute
conspiracy, as well, wouldn't it?

I'd think that if a few of the <insert favorite expletive here> were sued
and/or tried, it would sure make the rest of them consider the full
implications of any laws they might consider proposing. Too, it might
accidentally ripple through all of the Government, and settle down some of
the beaurocrats that aren't subject to voters.

IANAL, of course, so I'll leave it up to those on the list who are to
express more informed opinions; still, it _seems_ like a possible course of

Dave Merriman

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