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Re: "Deterrence"

On Thu, 4 Jan 1996, jim bell wrote:

> Recently, Kevin Wheeler (on [email protected]) expressed what I
> consider to be odd (at least for him; I can easily deal with Benneth's crap)
> (and a bit belated) objections to my desire to use technology to prevent
> government from oppressing the public. 

Well I'm really pleased to hear that you're considering actually dealing 
with someone's objections to your insane ideas, rather than hiding out 
like a little crybaby. 

But really, there's not much to object to. No one is taking you seriously 
Mr. Bell. If anyone did, you'd probably be in jail by now.

In part, I must thank you for helping me to see what the actual 
Libertarian mindset is capable of. That more people haven't immediately 
and unequivocably confronted you on your murderous plans to institute a 
new regime of terror and lawlessness indicates to me that the average 
Libertarian is philosophically bankrupt. The best that could be said for 
them is that they're humoring you.

BTW, my show is being scheduled to go daily for North American broadcast 
via the TVRO satellite, and I may be doing drive time daily from 
Vancouver to Portland. So consider each waking day a new opposition from 
Jack Hammer. When you roll out of your fart sack each evening (or 
whenever you rise from yhour grave) consider that I will have been 
already up making statements against your plans for assassination, and 
consider that, should you ever manage to actually be awake at such an 
early hour, you can meet me in verbal combat simply by reachning over and 
picking up your phone. 

Of course you won't do it. You've had numerous opportunities to give 
voice to your maniacal plans on my show, but you've chickened out then, 
you'll chicken out now.


[email protected] 

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