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Re: Australian "ITAR" regulations

Hi Sherry,

> Some time ago I had various email exchanges regarding Australian crypto 
> export regulations. More recently I've been put in the picture by David
> Cox and others that there are in fact ITAR-like laws in force in Australia.
> The last time I looked into this, Matt Crean(?) had very little luck finding
> any info from the various relevant departments, have of whom didn't seem
> to have a clue.

Yes I did in fact investigate this area back in 1994. I managed to obtain
sufficient information to indicate that there were ITAR like controls in 
place. My liasons with departments did result in some vague answers though,
but the legislation was clear. You can find details about my findings at:
I've not revisited the area since that time, so there may have been  
recent developments.

As you have mentioned, there are indeed controls. The regulations enforce
these through two mechanisms; the first being explict coverage in the 
Prohibited Exports Regulations, and the second through COCOM related DUT 
controls via. documentation referenced in said regulations. This latter 
area may have been revised with recent COCOM activity.

At the time, and I suspect still at this point in time, there seems to be
little awareness that these controls are in place.


Matthew Gream -- [email protected].