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Re: LDS 'mountain'

attila wrote:
> Dale:
>         the 'mountain' contains only original copies of the church
>     records (actually quite small) and the immense collection of
>     the genealogy of the world as records are microfilmed whereever
>     the have been available.  these records contain ** only ** birth,
>     baptismal, marriage, death, and burial records.  most European
>     records come from the churchs.

[remaining text deleted]

The only reason I would bother to mention this is merely to caution 
people to think: What could *possibly* happen if the shoe were on the 
other foot.  If the Constitution is about anything at all, it's about 
balance of power, and when *any* power transfers more to one interest 
than another, interesting changes can occur.

BTW, there have been articles in the L.A. Times about attempts by 
persons not of the Mormon faith to prevent Mormons from dominating the 
cultural life in SLC schools, other public venues, etc.  This raises the 
eternal question: Can a group live the way *it* wants to without 
interference, or is group culture always going to constitute a threat to 
persons in the vicinity who don't share that culture?