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Newgroup -- distributed mailing list on the way?

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted as well.

It appears that the distributed mailing-list effort is well underway.
Experiments by Igor Chudov and Jim Choate are progressing.  The next
few weeks should iron out the kinks.(over-optimism?)

Lance Cottrell (mixmaster author) has also agreed to host the list,
the entire list if need-be.  Although his posts on the cypherpunks
list indicate that he favors the distributed list approach.  Lance is
also in the unique position of having the computing resources to feed
the list to and from alt.cypherpunks.  

Furthermore, Lance seems to be favorable to this idea as well.
However, he needs help in getting up to speed on just how to create
and run this news-to-mail/mail-to-news gateway.

What this means is that the same list will be propagated through
multiple sources, making the destruction or loss of any one source
non-catastrophic.  It is also the classic net approach of routing
around censorship channels.  Furthermore, users who cannot access the
alt.* hierarchy or easily read newsgroups have the option of
subscribing to mailing lists and receiving the same uncensored feed.

This also means that users will have a maximum amount of resources at
their disposal to better experience the list and eliminate the net's
inevitable spam and noise.  Users who have access to or prefer
powerful newsreaders and NoCeM's can use them at will.  Users who have
procmail, Pegasus Mail, Eudora Mail and other email-filtering schemes
can use those powerful tools.

It is likely that the cypherpunks list/group will remain a target of
spammers and disruptors.  The controversial topics are bound to
generate noise.  The entrance of unitiated individuals via Usenet is
bound to create some interesting and sometimes aggravating discussions
as well as the inevitable re-hashing of some old issues.  

The unfiltered, uncensored, and multi-homed list/group leaves the
responsibility where it belongs, in the lap of end-user.  Ignore the
noise and the noisemakers.  Defeat the disruptors by avoiding them.
Accept your responsiblity and contribute Signal whenever you can.

"Arise!  You have nothing to lose but your barbed-wire fences."

git along 'lil doggies