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Re: Cypherpunks afraid of spam?

[email protected] wrote:
> [Fairly prominent Cypherpunk I'll decline to name- I don't mean to ridicule
> him personally, just his (distressingly common) attitude]
> >Just for the record.  I will not post to USENET given the spamming that
> >seems to go to IDs that appear there.
> [chuckle]
> Just add an anti-spam segment to your email address.
> example:
> jsmith[at]foo.com
> Most people worth talking to have enough of a clue to replace [at] with @.

Actually, I have a completely valid email address in this post (for now).
If it gets spammed I will just delete the DNS record.  (or maybe point
it back at the spammer. :)

And I'm sure we all know how to use remailers...