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Greg Broiles wrote:
> I suggested that remailers who *charge for
> remailing* may be treated differently under the law than remailers who don't
> if they're sued as contributory or vicarious infringers of copyrights.
> Would you prefer that I don't mention that potential development and silently
> watch remailer operators unknowingly expose themselves to extra liability? 

  I would prefer that you use your claimed legal knowledge to suggest
ways for remailers to prevail, rather than reasons for them to quit.

  R.J. Ringer says, "There are basically two kinds of attorneys who 
kill deals: those who admit it (none) and those who deny it (all)."
  Lawyers are for government and corporations, where they can get 
together and charge their employers/clients large sums to decide who
gets fucked, when they get fucked, and how they get fucked.
  In the ordinary world they are as useful as balls on a mannequin.

  The only lawyers I've seen who are capable of enabling action, rather
than killing deals, are mob lawyers. I think it may be because they are
working for rats who are too big to fuck.

> Also, I did not call for the list to be killed
> My comments, sent on 2/6/97, about "killing the list" are below:

> it looks to me like it's time to kill the list 

  You're leading with your chin, Greg.
> It makes much
> more sense to think of remailers as temporary and ephemeral, disappearing
> when squeezed too hard and reappearing with a different name and different
> ISP.

  Damn, this is right on the edge of almost being a positive thought.
Perhaps if you were kidnapped and deprogrammed soon, there might still
be hope for you to live a normal life.
  If you are going to point out the doom and gloom issues surrounding
remailers, then why not at least point their operators toward whatever
ray of light there may be, as well?

  Perhaps you could work with Attila to enhance remailer operator's
chances of survival.
  You could teach them how to duck, and he could teach them how to

"The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre"