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Re: distributed data store, a la eternity

A couple of minor nits in an otherwise excellent article:

Adam Back <[email protected]> writes:

>    So using USENET allows you to point the finger and say "it's not my
>    material, it's just USENET posts".  Much like altavista doesn't
>    issue cancel messages for posts in USENET news, it's not their
>    problem, they're just providing a view onto a distributed database.

As far as I can determine, dec's altavista does process cancels - not a good
way to use Usenet these days. :-(  However Dejanews doesn't process cancels.

>    Just look at the Scientologist battles.  It's simply amazing the
>    bravery of the Scientologist detractors in face of types of
>    harrasement thrown at them.

{Ex-Anti-}Scientologists are scum too. If they weren't nuts, they wouldn't
have joined the cult in the first place.


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