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Leviathan Dying

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"The Future of Liberty" is the title of a feature
piece in VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY (November 15,
1997) by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. "The leviathan
state, that monster devouring civilization in this
century, is in the throes of death," says Rockwell.
"This is not a wish or a prediction, but a
conclusion drawn from a broad look at the trends of
the last decade and a half, which, if we take the
right steps, can continue on into the next century.
What has happened around the world--nation states
collapsing, markets outwitting planners, citizens
rising up against government masters--can and is
happening here at home."

The speech is from the 15th anniversary conference
of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Rockwell--head
of the Institute--explains that in our times, we
are witnessing the development of something more
radical and far reaching than mere "limitation of
government"; the very idea of institutionalized
and centralized state power is under fire.

The primary catalysts for this trend are the end
of the Cold War, the increasing global resentment
of the U.S. imperium, and the rise of new
information technologies. All that's left in their
wake is the reality of Washington as a parasite,
which is how government is increasingly regarded in
the late nineties. Rockwell spells out the
implications of this and foresees a future of
liberty, conditioned on intellectuals being willing,
in the tradition of Mises and Rothbard, to take the
right steps in leading the way.

VITAL SPEECHES is widely indexed. Also in this issue
are speeches by Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

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[predicting the end of the world] has not been found agreeable to
experience." -- Edward Gibbon, 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire'
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