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Re: $50 encryption policy contest

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Lucky Green wrote:

> Given that the majority of the serious people on the list charge upwards
> of $100/hour (I charge $250/hour for even looking at a problem), $50 seems
> to be insufficient to generate much interest.

Your point is well taken.  I should have explained that I am
seeking assistance for altruism from someone who is interested
in crypto policy.  For example, no one is compensating me for
the many hours I've volunteered to pull off this two-part
lecture series (and it was quite a challenge to get anyone
with government connections to go on stage with John Gilmore).  See 

I'm also trying to help students by suggesting a concrete, worthwhile,
interesting project through which to learn about www programming.

I am open to the idea of a prize fund:  I will augment the
prize with 100% of all prize donations mailed to me.  If
each of 200 people send me $1, the prize fund will grow to $250.
(make out check to "UMBC")

Dr. Alan T. Sherman
Dept. of CSEE
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250