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RE: CFP Costs Too Much!

In Message Sun, 28 Feb 93 15:44:21 -0800,  [email protected] (Timothy C. May) writes:
>.... I would also dearly like to attend CFP, but

I also would dearly love to attend CFP again. I went to last year's
session on a student subsidy and loved it. It changed the direction of my
academic study.

I don't understand where CFP's organizers are coming from. I applied for a
student tuition subsidy for this year, and heard nothing. I submitted
a request for a "birds-of-a-feather" session to talk about key registration,
and got Dorothy Denning, TC May, and Mike Godwin to tentatively agree
to participate. I've heard nothing.

It is much too late to get cheap airfare to SF, so I'm not going.

I'm a student. I can't afford the $2000 that attending CFP will cost,
including airfare, hotel, meals, conference fee, etc. I admit to
having a part time job, which supports my wife, daughter, mortgage, and
pays tuition and buys books. It sure doesn't pay well enough to afford


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