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Re: header field indicating an anonymous address

> I suggest "Anon-Sender:".  There's already a "Sender:" field in
> RFC-822, indicating who sent the message, as separate from who wrote
> the message.  The "Anon-Sender:" field should contain an email address
> for the maintainer of the remailer. 

Anon.penet.fi has supported the Sender: field from the start. This has
forced me to use an automatic script that send a message like this:
(it gets to handle 20-30 messages/day)

I don't think this was intended for me ([email protected], the anon server
administrator, also working under names "daemon" and "julf"). I suppose you
wanted to send it to an<something>@anon.penet.fi, but accidentally replied to
the envelope "Sender:" address instead of the "From:" orginator address...