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Re: anon user on cypherpunks list

> > For every reason you might want a pseudonym in the first place, you
> > might also want a "pseudonym from your pseudonym," especially if you
> > use it a lot.
> A specific example: I am presently running a survey of drug prices,
> and suggested that respondents might wish to reply through penet.
> Unfortunately, I realized that I could not respond to these messages
> without blowing my penet pseudonym.  Fortunately, I had never
> actually used it, so I could safely "blow it".  At present, if I
> need another penet pseudonym, I guess I'll create it through mail
> games.  But IWBNI there were a built-in way to do this --
> particularly for those who aren't able to hack mailers, who are the
> ones who really need a service such a penet in the first place.

Agree. And I *think* I have come up with a way to handle it "safely".
Will do a test implementation RSN.