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Re: more ideas on anonymity

   Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1993 15:29:12 -0800
   From: [email protected] (Fen Labalme)

   I believe that this is the true question being asked.  I believe that in
   the not-so-far-off future there will be an immense quantity of anonymous
   traffic on the nets, and I will set my filters to ignore the large
   percentage of it (though perhaps I may want to see notes with my name in
   them, or perhaps not).

Well, unless and until this mythical "positive reputation filter" is
developped, many people may deal with this by just not allowing
anonymous traffic to be posted to Usenet (at least not via their site),
and by simply not allowing anonymous traffic on their mailing lists.
But that would be the free-market solution that everyone favors, I

						- Ted