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Libel UK

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> Perhaps Tony Kidson could tell us some of the effects of libel law in
> the UK.  The US law, which grew out of British law, seems to have gone
> in the direction of reducing the power of a libel complaint, while
> British law has done the opposite.  I can't speak for the UK, but
> those who live there could.

In the UK, We don't have a first amendment :-(

The law has developed in such a way that anybody with funds 
available can silence criticism by issuing a writ.  

There is much more protection for public figures. for example 
Robert Maxwell, proprietor of Mirror Group Newspapers (& 
Pergammon Press amongst others) robbed his companies blind.  
Everybody knew that he was a crook, but nobody could say so 
because he had the financial clout to silence everybody who said 
so with libel writs.  The UK needs anonymous posting far more 
than the US does.


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