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Re: Piercing anonymitiy and censorship

   Date: Mon, 1 Mar 93 10:45:32 PST
   From: [email protected] (E. Dean Tribble)

   I would like to separate the issues of hollering anything at 4am in
   residential areas from things like libel and slander.  Disturbing
   people with your volume independent of its content is like blasting
   white noise at damaging volume levels.  The remedies for it have
   nothing to do with speech, they have to do with disturbing the peace;
   your sound is crossing onto my property at intolerable levels.

And again, I repeat..... with anonymous remailers, you no longer have a
way to enforce said grounds of disturbing the peace ---- unless you do
things like approach the finnish authorities and ask that penet be
disconnected from the network for disturbing the peace of various Usenet

						- Ted