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Re: anon.penet.fi hacking

>>       Body-Termination-Regex: ^--$
>Ok... Now.. Show me the regex that strips anything starting with '--',
>such as '-----------------------------', except a PGP boundary line...
>        Julf

Ok... How about:

        Body-Termination-Regex: ^--$
        Body-Termination-Exclude-Regex: ^-----BEGIN PGP [ A-Z]*-----$
        Body-Termination-Exclude-Regex: ^-----END PGP [ A-Z]*-----$

Just EXPLICITLY exclude anything you don't want stripped...

(Don't know if I got my regular expression just right, but I think you
get the idea)

At some point (maybe already) the average header collection will exceed
the average message in size... Talk about overhead... :-)

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