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Re: Piercing anonymitiy and censorship

>    Date: Mon, 1 Mar 93 10:45:32 PST
>    From: [email protected] (E. Dean Tribble)
>    I would like to separate the issues of hollering anything at 4am in
>    residential areas from things like libel and slander.  Disturbing
>    people with your volume independent of its content is like blasting
>    white noise at damaging volume levels.  The remedies for it have
>    nothing to do with speech, they have to do with disturbing the peace;
>    your sound is crossing onto my property at intolerable levels.
> And again, I repeat..... with anonymous remailers, you no longer have a
> way to enforce said grounds of disturbing the peace ---- unless you do
> things like approach the finnish authorities and ask that penet be
> disconnected from the network for disturbing the peace of various Usenet
> groups.....
>                                                 - Ted

Don't most news readers have "kill files" (sometimes known as "bozo
filters")?  I definately prefer decentralized solutions.  Anyone mandating
what I can and cannot read is slime (synonomous with censor), imo.

I want to make that choice myself, thank you very nice.