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implementing positive reputation systems

The scheme I always think of when envisioning positive reputation
systems is that I get the feed of everything I might be interested in,
then sort and filter using whatever cleverness I desire.  Occasionally
(perhaps regularly) I exchange message with various people so that we
can update our transitive reputation information.

Eric Hughes and the recent discussion about volume problems got me
thinking about how to implement positive reputations at server sites.
I want a system in which the semantics are similar to the ideal
scenario above, but lower overhead in bandwidth and in processing
power for the receiver.  I suspect that the mailing list server would
provide filtering, and the receiver would provide sorting.

This will let us create mailing lists with anonymous participants
without letting them overwhelm the list.  It controls volume, etc.

Anyone with ideas, please send them to me (or the list) and I'll
collect them and post them.