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Re: more ideas on anonymity

> Today, it is generally not possible to be anonymous while
> broadcasting your views to a large number of people.

To do this for free, no.  But you can send direct mail anonymously,
although you can't get cheap bulk rates.

> While, this may be a feature in some cases, in other cases it is
> most definitely a BUG.

True.  Perhaps we should look at the problems of universal anonymity
in contexts where they can already be observed -- like cellulose

It would be possible to implement a "postage" analog without a backed
crypto currency.  Each remailer could issue usage tickets, good for
a certain flow per month.  Issue them to individuals, and let them
circulate.  There are obvious problems; for one, transactions would
be on a good-will basis, except in the case of trades to consolidate
a block with a single remailer.  This would produce allocation
problems.  In this mileau, a net.loser might be able to panhandle a
truckload of tickets.  On the up side, it's a good cover for getting
currency up and running.

With real postage, I think the problem would be negligible.  I can
imagine a custom developing that mail from nyms not on the "pass"
list would have to include a certain fee just to make into the
mailbox.  A motivation pre-filter for just mail, at least.  If mail
transmission is flat-fee, such a system seems quite likely.

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