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Re: You Aren't [I'm Not]

> From: Theodore Ts'o <[email protected]>
> Sorry; typo on my part.  What I meant to say was "No, I am not arguing
> that free speach is bad."  Mr. Metzger was putting words in my mouth
> when claimed that I was saying that.
> Anonymity and free speach are *NOT* the same thing.  As I posited in an
> earlier message, which no one has yet to comment on, those two concepts
> are not the same thing.  

Yes they are, Ted. They are mathematically equivalent. If I can say
anything, I can say it in code. If I can say anything, I can repeat what
someone else said in code, possibly transforming it. Ta Da, remailers.

To stop remailers, you will need to stop free speech. Please at least
admit this much. It might be unpleasant, but in a society with no
prior restraints on speech it is likely not possible to stop cryptographic
systems to assure anonymity.