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ANON: Re: anon.penet.fi hacking

> Instead of these ballooning regexps, how about just using Chael
> Hall's standardized "end of body" marker?  Even if some people had
> to add it manually to each message, well, that's not a big deal.
> But I suspect that the people who have sigs being added by BBS
> software are going to have trouble adding strange header lines, even
> if they have the regexp expertise to construct them.  

Didn't we go through this at least twice already. Yes, your suggestion
is perfectly OK for a "pure" cypherpunks remailer with sophisticated
users. It is *NOT* OK for something like the typical anon.penet.fi user
from alt.sexual.abuse.recovery or alt.transgendered. And at least
anon.penet.fi allows for using the special header lines as part of the
message body, to compensate for braindamaged mail systems. But some users
might not even be *aware* that their systems add sigs - yes, I've come
across a lot of those....