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Re: ANON: My remailer

Chael Hall stated in the last message:
>From [email protected] Wed Mar  3 17:44:33 1993
>From: [email protected] (Chael Hall)
>To: [email protected] (David Clunie)

>>What they probably mean is it is against their system administrator's
>>policy ! I would be very surprised if the governing body of the
>>university had a policy regarding this !

>     Uhg...  This is not a good sign.  My remailer is running on a
>university computer system as well.  I have been trying to get a SLIP

I know that the remailer I was running wasn't the biggest kept secret,
however, I made sure not to mention it to too many local people.  I
wonder if my sysadmin found out thru mail-logs or thru a pgp key
server or somebody told him or what?  I guess I'll never find out.

>     Enough rambling--I'm sorry to see a remailer demise and hope
>that mine will not fall under the unethical clause here.  If I find

Chael, it might be wise to check out exactly what your "university's"
policy concerning this is... before it's too late!

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