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ANON: Re: Handling Abuses of Remailers

> Note that there can be about 50 cypherpunks messages a day -- if each went
> through 2 hops at $0.10 / hop, as you proposed, that would be $10 / day in
> revenues for the remailers.  Seems like a lot to me.

Uh... If anon.penet.fi charged $0.10 / message for the 3000 messages a
day it's curently handling that would give me $9,000/month - no problem
upgrading the hardware! ;-)


> I would support the idea if I felt that the system would quiet the flame
> wars, but I think rather it would simply quiet the poor...

*Quiet* the flame wars? I can already hear them scream "and he is even
getting *money* from terrorizing the net!!" ;-)

I think anon.penet.fi will have to remain a for-free, public service...