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re: You Aren't [I'm Not]

>   i know of several slip/ppp endpoints that aren't password protected.  more
>   every day, in fact.

>probably clamp down anyway, since presumably they didn't pay good money
>for those resources to give them away free to anyone who can dail up to

I was wondering about that -- I kind of assumed that Peter meant
"real" endpoints that were unprotected because they provided service
that way. For example, UUNET has (had?) a 1-900-GETSRCS (or something
like that) UUCP dialin, the phone company mediated money handling,
uunet didn't care who you were -- but as far as I know it would only
allow file transfer.
	Are there any slip/ppp/uucp+rmail points that are "open" that
aren't likely to dry up if they get widely announced? If so, please
announce them!