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Re: ANNOUNCE/ANON: Posting in alt.cyberpunk

FYI, my personal responses:

>Do you think the internet is secure?

     Nope...  There are lots of "security holes" discussed in alt.hackers
and related places.

>What types of security measures would you like to see put in place?

     I don't think much security is necessary...  If you must have some,
let's make sure terrorists can't bomb the computer systems between me
and the outside world so that my Internet work can get done.  :)

>In an ideal world, how would security work? What would be protected?
>What kinds of measures would you need to gain access to the information?

     Well, I think each user should have a "public" area and a "private"
area.  Public stuff can be seen by anyone wandering by.  That could be
the casual observer using anonymous FTP or NFS mount or someone local to
your system.  Private stuff should be kept away from the sysadmin's eyes
as well...  There is no good way to do this, of course.  I would like
either of the following scenarios:  sysadmin has a laissez-faire attitude
to my files and how I use the system or sysadmin can't see or control
either of the above.

>Should the DES be the standard for encryption?


>Do you think access should be restricted? (period, should all information just b
>e free?)

     What I want protected should be protected and what I want available
should be available.  Right now, I have difficulty making what I have
available to others.  At the same time, I don't have enough quota to do
any kind of work (my account is full with PGP 2.1, the remailer, and my

>Do you like people who make anonymous postings?

     On an individual basis, I like some and dislike some.

>Should a human have _any_ part of the anonymous servers?

     Yes, the human should be there to answer questions and reboot the
server when it hangs.  :)

>What do you think of Hackers? Do you like them? Are the a benefit?

     I like them and I think that much of the work that has been done
for the good of the community has been done by hackers.  I think it is
important to be able to finger a soft drink machine at a university in
another state.  :)  I vigorously agree that they are beneficial.

>What do you think of the NSA, FBI, CIA, and everything else government related?

     Well, if that isn't a way to lump it all together...  The government
of the U.S. and the U.K. and Australia to some extent from what I have seen
seem to believe that they need to have a hand in the control of computers,
information, and computer communications of information.  I think the should
have access and possibly provide access for the poor, but they should not
control any of the above.

>If you knew how to hack into your bank account and change the amount of money yo
>u had, would you?

     Is it traceable?  ;)  No, I wouldn't.  I work for a modest sum and I
spend that money as I see fit.  I live comfortably on what I make, so I
do not ask for more.  When I find that it is too little, I will ask for
more, but stealing is not necessary because I will be happy no matter
how much I have (as long as I have computer access 24 hours a day).

Chael Hall

Chael Hall
[email protected], [email protected]
(317) 285-3648 after 5 pm EST