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Re: Encrypted voice protocol?

Bob Stratton writes:

>I don't know how many of you are at sites on the MBONE, or multicast 
>backbone. There are already a few pieces of code out there for 
>experimentation with transmission of audio and video information, in a 
>variety of forms/encoding, and probably the most widely used tool, "vat - the 
>Visual Audio Tool", already has provisions for carrying on encrypted audio 
>teleconferences via IP. In fact, it's as simple as typing a key into a field, 
>and the tool will DES en/decrypt the conference. 
>--Strat, budding multicast weenie

I just read in the local paper about "Internet Radio," which sounds like
some kind of transmission of compressed audio, if I have the details right.

This could be interesting. The "Crypto Home Companion Show"?

Anybody know anything about this? (The originator comes from Alexandria,
Virginia, so perhaps Strat and our other D.C. area folks have heard more
about this.)


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