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Re: ANON: Sysadmin Policies at Universities (and HS)

Peter Honeyman stated in the last message:
>From [email protected] Thu Mar  4 23:20:49 1993
>From: Peter Honeyman <[email protected]>
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: Re:  ANON/ANNOUNCE: Sysadmin Policies at Universities (and high scho
>don't overreact -- they are withdrawing support of pgp (i'm surprised
>they offered it in the first place), but are they prohibiting users
>from building and using pgp?  now *that* would be an outrage.

No, not yet anyway.  I've announced it in the local school newsgroups
that I have pgp available in my directories (with world readable and
executable permisions).  But my original intent was to get pgp working
in a system directory so that I wouldn't have to spare my own quota (what
little I have of it).  PGP eats up space!

I'm begining to wonder if someday they'll say something like, "Stop
using PGP or we'll close your account."  That's when I'll seriously
have to consider transferring.

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