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Re: MISC: Internet Talk Radio

> This is not really relevant to the topics of this list, but...
> > From: [email protected] (Timothy C. May)
> > I just read in the local paper about "Internet Radio," which sounds like
> > some kind of transmission of compressed audio, if I have the details right.
> > Anybody know anything about this? 
> What they are going to do is produce talk radio programs in professional
> audio studios, and then instead of broadcasting on the air, they will
> convert it all to a large (estimated about 15MB) sound file, which is
> then widely distributed using ftp, and played by anyone who wants,
> on their workstation (or a PC with a sound card).

Is that related to Internet TV, where professionally produced television
shows are converted to digital video (a la Quicktime), and then the 200mb
file is ftp'ed to the world? :->