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Re: Encrypted voice protocol?

> I just read in the local paper about "Internet Radio," which sounds like
> some kind of transmission of compressed audio, if I have the details right.
> This could be interesting. The "Crypto Home Companion Show"?
> Anybody know anything about this? (The originator comes from Alexandria,
> Virginia, so perhaps Strat and our other D.C. area folks have heard more
> about this.)
> -Tim

Yup, big article in the New York Times yesterday (front page!), and a smaller
article in today's New York Newsday.  Anyone out there have the time to post
either of them to the group???

BTW, a friend and I are just wrapping up a big anthology on radio (the new
issue of Semiotext(e), if anyone's interested).  I would have loved to get this
stuff in there, but alas, we just missed...