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UCS Computing Usage Policy.

>Here is a copy of the policy that my system administrator was referring to:
>From: [email protected] (James R. Gerland)
>Subject: UCS Computing Usage Policy.

So call the ACLU and see if they are interested.  Buffalo is a State Uni 
and subject to the 1st Amendment. Sounds like they are censoring 
messages based on content (or lack of content in the case of anonymity.  
Could the University Post office refuse to accept or deliver anonymous 
letters?  It is unlikely that a government could force a publisher to 
reveal the identity of an anonymous author.  There are cases in point in
which people wanted NAACP membership lists where the orders were overturned
on the basis of freedom of association and speech.  Likewise anti-mask 
ordinances in some cities.  As long as your remailer wasn't causing 
volume problems, regulation would fall outside the "time, place, and 
manner" restrictions.  

Maybe the Electronic Frontier Foundation would be interested as well.

Duncan Frissell