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ANON: Sysadmin policies at universities

Jordan Hayes responds to Rusty Babani:

> 	From [email protected] Fri Mar  5 13:56:06 1993
> 	Here is the responce I got as to WHY I CANT RUN A REMAILER IN
> Why do you continue to think it's "your" account?
> If you want to have such a thing to call "your account" you're welcome
> to plunk down some $$$, buy a machine, get yerself a network link, and
> remail to your heart's content...

I have to agree with Jordan on this.  In a truly free society, you have
the right to use your property as you see fit.  And so does the university.

Your right to free speech doesn't mean you have the right to someone
else's soapbox.

Eric Fogleman