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Kill lines

I agree with Eli Brandt that Chael Hall's simple implementation of
a standard "kill" line is preferable to the complicated "Regexp"
specification.  I could manage it, but I agree with Eli that many
could not.
Eli offers an alternative of
   Signature-Lines: <count>
Assuming that this can be inserted in the body of the message with
the :: convention as well as among the headers, this is acceptable,
but is still more complicated than the "kill line".  The proper
number for "signature-lines" will have to be found by trial and
error, by sending messages to oneself.
One caveat here.  Any remailer which implements "signature-lines" will
have to -remove- that line from the header (or change <number> to
zero) when it removes the <number> of signature lines from the end of
the body.
Otherwise, a chain of "signature-lines" remailers would -each-
see the "signature-lines" header and would -each- remove <number>
lines from the end of the message body.

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