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VOICE: Encrypted V. protocol


>>From:  [email protected]
>>Subj:  Re: Encrypted voice protocol?
>>To:    Internaut
>>> Date: Fri, 5 Mar 93 14:35:15 EST 
>>> From: [email protected] (David Mandl) 
>>> Subject: Re: Encrypted voice protocol? 
>>> Yup, big article in the New York Times yesterday (front page!), and a 
>>> smaller article in today's New York Newsday.  Anyone out there have the 
>>> time to post either of them to the group??? 

Speaking of which, if ANYONE knows the name, telephone and email
address of the guy who wrote the Article for the NYT - PLEASE send
it to me, (along with the text if any) - I want to have him/her on
file for the Whistleblower Project (aka "WB!").

>>Also, if any of you who'll be at either CFP or the Saturday meeting have
>>I'd love a xerox

Me too! Bring several copies and we'll pay you for the Xeroxing.