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Re: Questions about PGP 2.2 compilation messages


I recently compiled _pgp2.1_ on my sun4 and had a similar problem...  I
got a binary that seemed to work, but I got a list of warnings.

In my case, the program actually had a bug in it; it was trying to
compare an unsigned character variable (8 bits) for maximum path length
to 256 (nine bits) as defined in the source code.  I asked around on
the list and I got the same sort of responses you did...

I ended up redefining and changing the compare statement to make the
compiler happy and still get the intended code...

So, pgp may not be entirely bug free...  The sun4 compiler may be more
conscientious about flagging things.  I'd suggest looking through the
source to see if there's something simple.  In my case, it was.

Let me know how you fare; I'll be going through the same thing shortly...

Eric Fogleman