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NSA TApping

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Subject: NSA tapping of UK communications
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From: [email protected] (PeterClaus          Gutmann        )
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1993 10:43:02 GMT
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The following appeared in the NZ Herald on March 4th - I thought it might be of
interest to sci.crypt and alt.privacy readers.  It backs up claims made in
places like "The Puzzle Palace":
"  A former MI6 officer told the Daily Express that US agents tapped royal
 calls on behalf of the GCHQ spy centre.
   Mr James Rusbridger told the paper two top-secret listening stations -
 operated by the NSA - illegally tap large numbers of private conversations
 from their bases in Cornwall and Yorkshire.
   'By getting the Americans to do it, the British Government is able to say
 truthfully, though misleadingly, that GCHQ does not tap domestic telephone
 calls', Mr Rusbridger said.
   'The reason the Government is resisting an official investigation into the
 tapping of royal conversations is that it would be forced to admit publicly
 that these American owned and controlled listening stations exist on UK soil'.
Incidentally, NZ has it's own NSA-controlled listening stations, the largest
being at Tangimoana on the South Island.
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