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Re: March 1993 Communications of ACM Denning on Encryption

> I've just read with considerable distress the Dorothy Denning article in 
> my March 1993, Communications of the ACM and all the follow up 
> discussions supporting or refuting her positions.  I can not in any way 
> support the further erosion of the rights I believe I have to personal  
> privacy and protection from the abuses of government. I'm contacting 
> the EFF as a concerned member and the ACM Risk forum... are there 
> more actions we can and should take? 
> I'd suggest cypherpunks get and read the article if they haven't already 
> done so (it covers both wire tap and , as a not too subtle tag on, 

But don't buy the articles.  Get them at the library.  No point in giving them 
your money and your opinions! ;^)

> encryption availability). I'd also suggest we direct our responses to 
> those who can derail this or similar legislation with the EFF and ACM 
> as two likely candidates and congress folks as additional ones. 

Next time someone tells me to get in touch with someone to complain to and 
doesn't give me their address, I'LL SCREEM!  Not a flame, just a (subtle) 
suggestion. ;^)

We need to publish the addresses of various people, so that those people can get
a "proper" understanding of our fears/outrage.

Just my $.02.

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