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FWEE!: Markoff/NYT/VoiceCrypt

Thanks to everyone who sent John Markoff's name, email address
and/or past life animal. I'll let all of you know what transpires
when I buzz him about the VoiceCrypt article and get some info
for the Whistleblower Project.

BTW, Pretty amazing day at CFP today (especially the session on
Censorship on the 'net): watch this cyberspace for details next

Not-Entirely-Unrelated note: to all of you who have asked for a
FTP-able version of MacPGP, I will provide that this Sunday (the
life of a CFP volunteer!). Hope you can all keep your pants on
until then.  :)  It's worth the wait.


"It's not the voting that makes Democracy, it's the counting."
   - T. Stoppard