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HIDE: embedding msgs into snd & graphics

tcmay's comments on the use of DAT tapes to 'dub off' other recordings as
the host-medium and to apply the signal to the low-end significant bits
works out something I brought up earlier: checking the copy against the

The idea of using a DAT tape as a mode of transport, however, doesn't
appeal that greatly to me. To send a message, I have to pull out one of my
prevoiusly recorded DAT host-tapes, then record over the 5th song with my
mix of host/message pair, then fed-ex it (or hand-deliver it) to my
target. If I take this signal and push it across internet, I no longer
have the passive-looking DAT tape in my DAT music collection. Instead, I
have a 900k sound file that I push across the net. Since the net is
usually not used to push the latest Michael Jackson tune, it might raise a

Tim's comments are valid and definitely help solve problems on the
physical level: now how about cyberspace?


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