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A pesk, me?  Ha!  The only reason I did it was because I asked a month ago,
politely, to be taken off and every day I still have a ton of junk messages in
my mailbox.  The other person (Name cut off in reply) was right.  I'm sick and
tired of reading some news about bullshit.  I mean it seems that some people
have been writing in whenever they have to take a crap.  Some of the articles
are excellent, some ok, but when you have to weed through 20-30-even 40 
messages to get one or two good ones it's just not worth it.  Therefore I wish
to be taken off.  If, in a while, things get straightened up I may resubscribe
but for now, I don't have the time.
George (The E-mail harrasser) Habrecht
[email protected] (for those who wish to mail my mailbox....  I'll
nuke it anyway :) ).