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Re: Unacceptable slander by dclunie

At  1:24 AM 3/12/93 -0800, Michael Brennan wrote:
>> [ Mail from David Clunie to ramapo.edu systems admin deleted ]
>  [ abridged quote from metioned user's posting deleted...]
>Think about this scenario for a moment: dclunie sends mail to the system
>adiministrator of an institution complaining of the mail sent by a
>particular user. The system administrator confronts the user, who then
>explains the situation. He explains that he has sent numerous requests to
>be unsubscribed from the list, but they continue to send large volumes of
>mail. Out of frustration, he sends an 80K file to the list hoping it will
>get someone's attention. The mail continues, and several members of the
>list makes threats of "dirty tricks" and "mail bombs" against him. Now one
>of the "cypherpunks" is sending libelous mail to the system administrator.
>The system administrator now understands the situation; an educational
>institution on the net is made aware of a rapidly developing campaign of
>harrassment and vandalism by the cypherpunks. So what happens now? Are the
>cypherpunks winning?

Libelous mail??  Hardly.

It is not appropriate for someone to post a 3600 line "junk" file to a
mailing list.  UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!  (Think about those sites that are
paying hard cash for e-mail transfers!)  It is reasonable for such actions
to be reported to the administrator of a system.

So far as getting off the cypherpunks list, there are a number of other things
to try if cypherpunks-request isn't working.  Send mail to [email protected] 
Send mail to the administrative contact listed in the WHOIS database for
toad.com (John Gilmore, in this case).  Talk to your local systems
administrator and ask his assistance.  What ghabrech did is something I
would expect from an immature freshman. (who knows... maybe he is one)

>Are you people blind to what you are doing? What fools!!!

Retaliatory strikes aren't right either, of course.

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