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Re: An Appeal to Calm

> Folks,
> Tempers have flared. Angry words have been sent out to the list. We've all
> been mail-bombed by an angry member of the list (who wants off--NOW!).


> I hope things can calm down a bit.
> -Tim May

I would hope things would calm down a bit, as well. Sending a massive mail bomb
to the list may have been innappropriate, but so is continuing to send unwanted
mail to a user who has made repeated unsubscribe requests. Why are some of you
insisting on waging a flame war?!! What do you intend to gain from such 

I am encouraged that at least some voices of reason are now emerging amidst all
of this, and I would hope that the cypherpunks would try to understand the
frustation of those who have their unsubscribe requests ignored and continue
to receive unwanted mail.