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Unacceptable behaviour by ghabrech

From one of the very popular mailing lists I received the following posting
by one of your users. While I can understand his frustration at having
difficulties unsubscribing from a relatively high volume list, or his
ignorance at not being aware that such requests should be directed to the
"x-request" alias not the "x" list, this is no excuse for such a long and
unpleasant post that has consumed considerable expensive bandwidth for no
good reason ... I am surprised you tolerate students with such a childish
attitude on your system and they do no credit to your institution's

This is an abridged version of George A. Habrecht's 3264 line post !

> From [email protected] Fri Mar 12 16:48:53 1993
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1993 14:59:21 -0500
From: [email protected] (George A. Habrecht)
To: [email protected]
Content-Length: 74877

Hello?  I have asked several times and am starting to get pissed off!!!!
So do as follows!!!!!
Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!
Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!
Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!
Unsubscribe me!!!!!!!!

Get the message?!?  Thanx

[email protected]