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alternate US site for pgp22

Can someone point me to another US FTP site with PGP22. I've downloaded
it a couple of times from soda.berkeley.edu, and can't get it unzipped.
I've tried all known combinarions of binary, non-binary, etc.
The file, once it reaches my PC is 209409 but pkunzip 204g says it is
broken. If I use pkzipfix, I can get some of the files, docs, keyserver,
etc. but it always fails with a CRC error on or after
exploding LANGUAGE.TXT

One piece of tech info: I have to FTP to a SUN server, and then
use Kermit to bring the file to my PC. This has worked many times for
many other files, but there could be some user error in here.


Pat Farrell      Grad Student                 [email protected]
Department of Computer Science    George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
PGP Public key availble via finger          #include <standard.disclaimer>