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Re: alternate US site for pgp22

On Sat, 13 Mar 1993, Pat Farrell wrote:

> Can someone point me to another US FTP site with PGP22. I've downloaded
> it a couple of times from soda.berkeley.edu, and can't get it unzipped.
> I've tried all known combinarions of binary, non-binary, etc.
> The file, once it reaches my PC is 209409 but pkunzip 204g says it is
> broken. If I use pkzipfix, I can get some of the files, docs, keyserver,
> etc. but it always fails with a CRC error on or after
> exploding LANGUAGE.TXT
> One piece of tech info: I have to FTP to a SUN server, and then
> use Kermit to bring the file to my PC. This has worked many times for
> many other files, but there could be some user error in here.

I had no problems with the version at soda using pkunzip v204g. Worked the
first time.