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Re: news.admin.policy: A Report From the Front


> As far as this automatic cancelling business goes, what can be
> automatically cancelled can also be automatically regenerated.
> Who here has been in such a news war and has software already written?
> Eric

While I agree with you in spirit, I think this would be a bad move.
We don't want to get into a news war.  We want people to listen to us.
The best was to sway people to our side, especially when there are
others who are pissing people off, is to keep a calm head and stature.

The more that that other person pisses off the news admins, the more
they will be willing to listen to our side.  If we rush head-long and
get into an all-out news war, then those same admins might not listen
to us as intently as they would if we stay cool and calm.

Please, no news wars.  It can only hurt our cause!

- -derek

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