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>So how many days, exactly, have people waited for response from
>cypherpunks-request before giving up and posting to the list?  Just
>one or two, or are we talking weeks here?

Most of the unsubscribe message that have gone out over the list in
the last month are the _first_ messages sent out by people.
Therefore, let me repeat this.

To unsubscribe from the list, send mail to

	[email protected]

A human, namely me, Eric Hughes, will read your mail and take
appropriate response.  Do not expect immediate answers; I am not a

If you send to the whole list asking to be removed, I will send you a
piece of junk mail (with the above info in it) and ignore your
request.  I don't do maintenance for the list on the same account as I
read mail.

Thanks you all.